Want to know more about beer styles? About tasting and describing beers and what makes them special? Don't have any idea what's it all about in that extensive beer menu? You want to combine beer and food? Too much foam everytime you pour or draught a beer? Your worries are over. Welcome to
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Beer Expert

Learn everything you need to know about the basics of beer!

  1. History of Beer
  2. Ingredients of Beer
  3. Brewing Process
  4. Beer Quality
  5. Beer Label

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Beer Types

Learn everything you want to know about the most common beer types!

  1. Pilsner & Lager
  2. German Beer Types
  3. Abbey- and Trappist Beers
  4. Belgian Beer Types
  5. English Beer Types

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Beer & Food

Become a master in beer treatment and combining beer and food!

  1. USA & Craft Beer Movement
  2. Pouring & Serving Beer
  3. Tasting & Describing Beer
  4. Beer & Food

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Beer is your friend! Get to know it better.

In this online training you will learn everything about beer. Below you will find all the information you need to know about this training.
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Supercharge your beer knowledge

Combine Beer & Food

Create and experience amazing beer-food combinations. You will learn the do's and dont's of beer-foodpairing!
Combine Beer & Food

Knowledge & Beer types

Get to know your beer and the influence of ingredients. Learn everything about the characteristics of different beer types.
Knowledge & Beer types

Tasting and Describing

Train your tasting skills. You will learn how to taste and describe beer. Dissect fragrance, aroma, taste & after taste.
Tasting and Describing

Become a Master Pourer

Create a world-class drinking experience by pouring the perfect glass of beer either from the bottle or draught.
Become a Master Pourer

Who are we?

This online beer training was developed with great pleasure by Erik and Laurens. 

Unlike many beer specialists, we are beer trainers. Together we have more than 25 years of international experience in training bar staff and entertaining groups of beer lovers. So we do not use expensive difficult terms and complex theories, but simply explain all the knowledge about beer in a fun, entertaining and clear way.

As we have done for years.